How to Smoke Weed - A quick guide

Everyone loves to get high. But there are actually multiple ways to get high on cannabis, but which is the easiest, healthiest and most beneficial way? These three factors are the biggest concerns when smoking weed and accomplishing all three of them will be the ultimate method of smoking weed. So, let me show you all the different ways of inhaling the herb.



Bongs aka Water Pipes - The best method by far


Water pipes meet the ultimate three most important factors of smoking weed

It is by far the quickest, easiest & most beneficial way to medicate.


They are quick and easy to use!

You literally grind the herb down, place it in a small glass bowl and then apply a flame to the herbs whilst sucking the top of the pipe. After that you will see the smoke fly throughout the bong and through the water that is contained in the bottom chamber. Whilst this happens you will be producing hundreds of bubbles accompanied by an incredible sound and vibration throughout the pipe. The smoke then exits via the mouthpiece located at the top, delivering a super smooth and frosty hit of medicinal pleasure!


Never waste your dank again!

Unlike joints where you an easily put too much herb in, bongs take any amount of herb you want to put in. This way there is never any wastage of your precious ganja!


They are healthier that joints and really fun to use!

At the bottom of the bong there is a pool of water that the smoke has to pass through. As you can imagine when smoke is produced it is super hot in regards to temperature. When the smoke is dragged through the pool of water it is instantly cooled down. The difference this makes is ridiculous. It allows you to truly enjoy your smoking sessions and taste the magic within your cannabis.


For these reasons bongs will always be the most beneficial way of smoking weed. You can buy water pipes and bongs over at



The iconic joint has been around since records began. Before access to rolling papers tribes would use the dried leaves of the marijuana plant to wrap the bud and smoke it. There are a few issues with the joint though.


They are pretty bad for you

The smoke is not filtered in any way. It is super hot and inhaling it damages for your lungs and throat much worse than other methods. Some users even add tobacco to help keep the J lit, which is horrendous in terms of health.


Wastage is a serious issue

It is hard to really know exactly how much cannabis to add. If you add too much then you risk wasting it or having to smoke an old smelly doobie that tastes like ass. Put in too little and risk having to roll up yet again.


Bongs are easier for so many reasons. Compared to rolling a joint (which does take a certain skill) using a bong could not be simpler.



These are by far the healthiest method out there for inhaling marijuana. But it is not exactly a form of smoking as the herb will never actually combust. Not to be confused with the health risks connected to ecigs, they are a totally different thing. A cannabis vaporizer does not create anywhere near as much vapor due to the ingredients involved.


The biggest drawback has to be the cost, not everyone wants to spend $80+ on a product when there are cheaper alternatives. But let me show you a few benefits of using a vaporizer (buy cheap vaporizer).

  • Like bongs, there is no wastage risks as you an put in as much as you like.
  • Pen vaporizers offer complete discretion and can even be used in public without drawing attention to yourself
  • With absolute minimal health risks in comparison to inhaling smoke, they are a fantastic tool for daily users to get high
  • You can use them inside the house without causing smoke damage to the interior


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So what did we learn here

If you are looking for a quick, healthy and economical way of smoking cannabis then you should buy a bong as soon as possible. Every person I have seen use a bong for the first time has been converted over and never looked back. That cool, frosty smoke hit from a bong just can not be beaten in any way.