The Main Differences Between Shisha Pipes and the Traditional Bong

Shisha pipes are getting quite popular nowadays, and they’re actually coming close to getting as popular as the beloved bongs. However, the practice of “shisha”, or using molasses, has been around since the 60s. It is only getting a lot of attention nowadays because people are starting to discover its added benefits over the traditional bong.


Bongs are used for all types of herbs while the hookah pipe is only used for shisha which is made from tobacco or molasses.


Bongs are much more compact than shisha pipes

Bongs do not need to have a large smoke chamber. In fact, they benefit more for having a smaller chamber because it allows all the flavors of the herbs to come out.

Shisha pipes on the other hand have a huge water chamber as the molasses needs much more filtering to produce a clean taste. You can see all the different types of shisha pipes for sale at



Most bongs are about the size of a soda can, which means you don’t have to worry about storage. You can just place them on your bookshelf, inside your desk drawer, or any other storage space you have around the house. Hookah pipes, on the other hand, because of their sheer size, needs a huge amount of space and will not go unnoticed due to their mammoth size!


You see hookah in the press more often due to the proven results of how dangerous the smoke can be, but it really depends on the quality of shisha you are feeding it. But from a non bias point on view you can see that inhaling any type of smoke is bad for you.


I myself first used a shisha pipe on holiday and then I went to buy one when I was back home, I try to use it no more than once a week as I live a healthy life style.


So what are Water Pipes?

Water pipes are literally a pipe that makes use of water, in terms of smoking it covers both bongs and hookahs and even bubbler pipes.





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