Have you ever taken a hit from a cannabis bong?

Gosh. The first time I picked up a weed pipe at my friends house was a time that I will never ever forget. Let me paint the scene for you here. It was a rainy Sunday and me and my stoner circle had no intentions of heading outside and getting wet from the rain. I had always been a joint user and had never shown interest in the best bongs or a weed pipe. But I did appreciate the look of them as ornaments, I just never felt the need for one.


Golly. I had no idea what I was actually missing out on! I picked up that best glass bong and took a huge rip. Not ashamed to let you guys know that I coughed aggressively for a few minutes. But that was because I was a fool and built up way too much smoke in the weed pipe and tried to inhale all of it! Apparently I'm not the first bong noob to make this mistake, my friends told me this whilst laughing at me.


After I sorted myself out I gave it a fair go. I had the most amazing high. It was so different from a dirty hot joint. So clean and tidy. So crisp and tasty. I literally opened up the internet browser on my phone and began looking at the bongs - herbtools for sale online. I got one from HerbTools as they had next day delivery for a cheap price. I was so excited for it to arrive that I felt like a toddler awaiting Christmas!

Important Information on Cannabis Bongs

There is a big difference between smoking a joint and taking a hit from a cannabis water pipe.

What you need to understand about weed pipes

So you most likely tried the joint and loved it.

Some of the best branded bongs are from DankDust and include some amazing work. With boxed bongs, dabbing rigs, oil bongs and some huge water pipes made from high quality thick glass. All this for the fraction of the price that other brands charge.



If you are looking for weed pipes then I suggest heading over to a headshop and taking a browse at HerbTools as they have a huge range of crazy bongs in all colours and styles. If you need information on marijuana I suggest reading this.


Take a look at the crazy scorpion joint above. That is what I love about cannabis smokers. Take a hit from your weed pipe and just make some crazy joint! As we all know the best musicians ever were powered by marijuana.

Why every stoner needs to buy the best bong

While cheap bongs are effective and decent, the best bongs are worth spending the extra money on. Sure, you could get a cheap glass bongs for under £15 but it will be tiny and the quality will be very low. You aren't going to impress your friends with some cheap tack. But don't worry about the best bongs being too expensive as you can buy them for a really decent price, around as little as £35 you can get a 40cm tall bong with some decent details included such as ribbed effects and even a dome percolator if you're lucky.