Product Options for Buyers of Cannabis Seeds

The market for cannabis seeds is undoubtedly expanding on a regular basis. This is marked by the increased ease in finding sellers and suppliers of these seeds. While this growing market is mainly online along side bongs, this is a good thing because it gives room for product offer diversification. To put it in simple words, a prospective buyer is given more options in terms of products these days.



This implies too that in order to be satisfied with what will be purchased, every buyer must know what is available for him or her out there. There is no need to conduct complicated market researches regarding this topic though. The seed product categories of sellers are almost always similar. Variations might be seen slightly on how some strains have been named by breeders or strain developers, often talked of in the news.



In general, commercially available cheap cannabis seeds fall into three broad categories. These include the indica, sativa, and the hybrids. Seeds under the indica strain have properties that benefit those who have sleep apnea, pain problems, and stress. On the other hand, seeds classified under the sativa strain are preferred by those who need increased concentration and the ability to fight off depression. Hybrid seeds have properties that might come from either its sativa or indica side. Hybrid varieties are developed to suit specific needs by consumers and growers.



If the seeds will be used in indoor cultivation, auto-bloom (and feminized) varieties must be chosen. The most recommended options include the American Dream, Afghan Kush, and the 8-Ball Kush strains. While not all sellers might actually have these on their existing stocks, most of them can source out from “sister suppliers” if specific requests are made by customers.


For those who are looking for outdoor variety of seeds, the number of available options is impressive. Prospective buyers can choose from 50-100 well-known outdoor strains of cannabis today. 61 of these strains are commonly seen on websites of US and UK based sellers. Top selling options include the Mazar, Northern Lights, and Aurora Indica strains.


Those who are looking for a bit of fun and something different can also go to the “specials” page of an online seller.  Newly developed hybrids and those that have the Cannabis Cup seal are usually found on this section. Those strains that have earned the Cannabis Cup seal are proven to be top in its class in terms of flavor, effect, and quality. Strains under this category are always sought after by growers and medical/recreational users all over the world. For this category, Tangerine Dream, Amnesia Haze, Bubblegum, and AK-47 strains are considered the best.



There are still many options that are available for those who are planning to buy cannabis seeds online. It is important that an individual knows what he or she really wants. By exploring the product lines and galleries of a chosen online seller, the best buying choices can be made!