Why buying bongs online is the best way

You can believe me when I say that I am a seasoned smoker, if anything that is putting it modestly. I've been running marijuana blogs for years now and I've smoked hundreds of different strains. I've tested hundreds of different bongs and visited headshops across the globe. It is fair to say that I've done my fair share of shopping both on and offline. Whilst I love the vibe of walking into a real shop it is just riddled with issues and problems.


When you want to buy a bong in a real shop you will find a few main issues:

  • It is far from discreet. Everyone will see you go in and leave with your products, a lot of people do not like the world to know their personal business.
  • The prices are hard to accept. Running a shop is horribly expensive, it is not the owners fault but prices are just too high.
  • The selection of bongs for sale is very limited due to obvious reasons of storage space.

If you've never been online to making your purchase then these points may not make so much sense. If you go to buy bongs online then you will immediately see what I am talking about. There are lots of cool jobs you can do and whilst selling these products is one, you may want to consider something else.


There are so many good points for going online, here are some of my personal main reasons.

  • The prices are very competitive and I've often ended up buying more than I originally decided
  • The selection is phanominal! Hundreds of different pipes are just at your fingertips
  • Not having to travel and spend a whole day on such a small task
  • If you go to the right shop, no one will see you making your purchase.

Also the choice of which shop you use comes into play, you don't have to rely on just one shop locally! You could check out all the glass bongs for sale at other places, if you didn't fancy the first shop you visit.