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As a frequent online shopper I solely buy bongs online through a bong shop or a head shop. While I loved browsing through their catalogs from the comfort of my computer chair, I always knew that I would get a better idea of what I was buying if I could see them in real life. The issue was that in the UK there are no large bong shops, only the odd small one that had a handful of glass bongs to pick from, which is why I always had to locate a bong, which was fine as they only had quality bongs for sale but I still wanted to see them in real life. I was visiting a friend in Canada and he told me that I could buy a bong and get it delivered to his address for my arrival, I found so many amazing glass bongs and water pipes so I went ahead and ordered one, which was exciting but then my friend told me that had a great local shop that had hundreds of bongs for me to see in person! I said dude, why did you tell me to order online! Then he showed me the huge price difference and I was glad I went to buy a bong online instead. We decided to head down to his local shop just for a fun browse anyway. That was after checking the local laws.


When I arrived at the Canadian Bong Shop

I was amazed and awestruck at the shear amount of glass on display, I could only imagine the damage and cost if someone was to fall into one of these shelves! Every glass bong was kept in pristine condition in air tight glass cabinets and they had small lights above them which made the bongs glow and look so tempting to buy. After my travel costs and the bong I bought online there was noway I could afford to spend anything else, but my friend did end up buying a glass percolator bong, he spent quite a bit of money on it too! The bong shop owners were really friendly and let him fill the glass bong with water to test out the drag and pressure of the glass pipe. They laughed at my English accent a little, but I wasn’t bothered!

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