Cheap Ways To Improve Bongs

The problem with a lot of bong owners, at least those who have never bought one before, is that they don’t know how to clean the tar. Smoking a lot of grass means that at some point, the stem will get dirty. Having a dirty water pipe can tend to ruin the experience because of the noxious smell.

The simplest thing a person can do to improve their water pipe is to simply clean it with alcohol. Alcohol is one of the most recommended agents for cleaning about since it works wonders against the tar.
Changing the water regularly

Changing the water regularly is another important and easy task that bong owners can do to improve their experience. Regularly changing the water in your bong is a simple task that some owners tend to ignore. Dirty water has less filtration properties compared to clean water. Clean water is more likely to filter out some of the harmful toxins and chemicals produced when sparking weed in a bowl.